Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Smart Manufacturing offers a wide range of wire harnesses and cable assemblies for a diverse variety of industries.

Our precision custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies will meet or exceed your requirements for industrial, transportation, power transmission, electronic, as well as other industry OEM wire harness and commercial companies.

From harnesses that are a few inches long with a couple of cables and simple terminals to several feet long with a variety of faston/quick disconnects and other speciality connectors, our team will work with you to meet your specifications.

  • Small-volume
  • High-volume

Experienced Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly Technicians

Why invest in hiring expensive craftsmen and buying all the specialized equipment required to manufacture quality wire harnesses and cable assemblies?
Our seasoned employees bring many years of professional knowledge to our trade and are motivated to provide our diverse customers with service that is second to none. They are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of assembly and veterans of providing superior craftsmanship. We are grateful to our loyal, professional staff that has been with us for the long term.

Committed to High-Quality Components

Smart Manufacturing is committed to producing superior wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Partnering with manufacturers of high-quality components, our long-term dedicated employees are excellent at their craft, providing exceptional assemblies built to our customers’ specifications.

High-Quality Component Partners:

  • 3M
  • Amphenol
  • Anderson Power
  • Aptiv/Delphi/Packard
  • Deutsch
  • Hirose
  • ITT Cannon
  • JST
  • Molex
  • Neutrik
  • Panduit
  • Phoenix
  • Tyco Connectivity

Industries Served

Over the years our wire harnesses and cable assembly products have been used in a diverse number of applications, and we have earned a reputation for consistency and superior quality in our products.

  • Agriculture

  • Broadcast

  • Commercial

  • Computer

  • Industrial

  • Railway / Locomotive

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Marine

  • Power Distribution Panels

  • Utitility Vehicles

  • RF Technology

  • Telecommunication

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Air Core Inductors/Air Coils

  • Coaxial Cable Assemblies

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Custom Bobbin-Wound Coils

  • Discrete WIre Assemblies

  • Formed Power Cables

  • Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies

  • Power/Battery Cable Assemblies

  • Ribbon Cable Assemblies

  • Toroidal Inductors

  • Toroidal Transformers

  • Wire harnesses

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